Cyclops shipped :)

So, after getting a little nervous from reading posts on facebook that no one could manage to get a hold of the creator of the lovely cyclops cats, we suddenly got an update and I got my tracking number!

I am really excited to see the quality of the cat and the eyes that come with.
I will post pictures as soon as the little one eyed ball of resin reaches her/his new home!

Cygne, my second SD ever

I would have posted this sooner, but I’ve been really sick, and between work and getting ready for Christmas I just didn’t have the energy.

On december 6th I placed my order for a basic Feeple60 Moe Cygne, with faceup!

I really wanted the fullset, including the vampire head with faceup, it was the most gorgeous face I’ve seen in a while and I really love vampires.. However, the price of the fullset was just too much for me considering I didn’t like the outfit that much, and I liked it even less when I found that Fairyland used real feathers.. It’s stupid to me, fake feathers will hold up against time much better than real feathers, and with fakes you know no animals were harmed.

It’s not the first time Fairyland has used real animal products in their sets, the LTF Luna fullset came with earmuffs made from real mink if I remember correctly. Why they do this, I have no idea.

Animal products aside, I’m so excited to get an SD girl again. My very first BJD was a Luts Miyu in WS, and that was years ago now!
I got the LTF event head to go with her, because even if my order was eligible for the MNF head, after I applied points I got below that amount and wasn’t sure if I was still eligible for it.. I just didn’t want to gamble as Fairyland has stated any order containing the wrong event gift would get cancelled. It wasn’t a big deal since I don’t actually like any of the event gifts this time around :P

I now face a tiny problem.. I have nothing that will fit this girl!
I have no idea what eye size she’ll look best in, what wigs will fit her, what shoes will fit! She is a Moe after all, which means she is a tiny bit shorter than the regular Feeple60, 54cm according to the measurements on FL. Her head should be 9 inches around, so she could fit 8/9 or 9/10 wigs.

I did order a wig from formydoll, named FMDL-1058 in the color sweet milk, size 8/9, and I really hope it fits. Image from formydoll:

I already got the wig and it is gorgeous! I just hope it fits her :)
If this wig looks familiar it is because it is :P I have it in other sizes and colors, Lexi is always sporting one in pink, and I also have red and grey. I just love the parting, as I’m not a fan of bangs, and a straight parting gets dull eventually. I love the color a lot more in real life <3

I still need eyes unless she can take 16mm, as I have a few in that size. I’d love to get her an outfit before she arrives too, so she wont have to be naked. Shoes will probably be the last thing I get her.

I’m going to sell my MNF Moe body eventually so I can get her some more things, I just need to figure out if I want to keep the extra Chloe head that I have or not.

Oh, a little side note, Lexi is currently on the Fairyline body, and as much as I love it, when I ordered the body the only boob option was the huge ones, and I thought I’d learn to love them but I just can’t handle them at all, they are just too big. I posted a WTB for the second largest bust as I know many who ordered Sia way back got all the bust sizes as gifts, and a nice lady contacted me about it and I’m currently waiting for the new boobs to arrive! If only it was this simple for us too. I’m keeping the balloon boobs for now, as they can look nice with a corset or something in the future :)

I hope everyone had a great Christmas/holiday, and I hope to be more active on my blog again in 2017. I will keep you updated on Cygne, but I don’t expect her to arrive before March!




I recently placed my order for the Fingertip dreamlands Hemera-maru cyclops kitty!

I think there will be a long wait ahead of us, but ever since I saw a couple of these guys on instragram, I´ve been wanting one of my own :) I`m so happy I was able to get one, I really wanted all of them but maybe another day :)


Actually the body arrived a while ago, on june 7th :P

I was dead tired, my room was really dark and I couldn’t be bothered to do a proper box opening. Since it wasn’t really the arrival of a new doll, but a new body instead, I figured it didn’t matter as much. I did use my phone to take some pictures though, but the quality is horrid. I really enjoyed sitting on my bed, opening this big box, it was so relaxing after a day at work :)

Lets get going!


Lexi was also excited to see her new body :P




A very blank box, why did they stop putting stickers on them?


Fairy Line! And certificate :)


Oh wow, those boobs are HUGE!


Before the swap.. Look at those looong legs! :D And I’m still scared of those huge boobs…


Those big boobs make it hard to balance I think, lol ^^ Needed a helping hand :P


Legs <3


Oh no, a cute face!

Overall I’m very happy with the fairyline body. There are some things I’m not thrilled with, and some things I love. I may talk more in detail about it later, but I’d buy the body again if I could :)

True to each and every box opening I’ve had from Fairyland, there was an issue. The hands I have at home do not fit her. I used so much force I was sure I was going to break something, but they will not go on. I contacted Fairyland about it and they, as usual, asked for photos. I cant take a photo of that issue! I’d have to make a video. But I did what they asked, explained that I had used a lot of force, and we’ll see what they say. I even tried carving the inside of the hands to no avail.

I hope I can share some better photos in the future, and I’ll be keeping all heads (Chloe and event pukifee head) for now :) The Moe line body will probably be sold at some point, I just prefer the longer legs!


Fairyline body

To my big surprise I got an email from Fairyland telling me that my order is shipped! That is way before the expected date (sometime in August) so I hope they didn’t rush too much and send me a bad body :P

It also seems like I’ll be getting the pukifee event faceplate.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 12.21.05

I’m not sure how I feel about it, it’s kinda cute? It would be fun to add some color to it, see if I like her better that way. But I don’t really have plans to add another pukifee to the family. It’ll still be fun to see it in real life :)