Actually the body arrived a while ago, on june 7th :P

I was dead tired, my room was really dark and I couldn’t be bothered to do a proper box opening. Since it wasn’t really the arrival of a new doll, but a new body instead, I figured it didn’t matter as much. I did use my phone to take some pictures though, but the quality is horrid. I really enjoyed sitting on my bed, opening this big box, it was so relaxing after a day at work :)

Lets get going!


Lexi was also excited to see her new body :P




A very blank box, why did they stop putting stickers on them?


Fairy Line! And certificate :)


Oh wow, those boobs are HUGE!


Before the swap.. Look at those looong legs! :D And I’m still scared of those huge boobs…


Those big boobs make it hard to balance I think, lol ^^ Needed a helping hand :P


Legs <3


Oh no, a cute face!

Overall I’m very happy with the fairyline body. There are some things I’m not thrilled with, and some things I love. I may talk more in detail about it later, but I’d buy the body again if I could :)

True to each and every box opening I’ve had from Fairyland, there was an issue. The hands I have at home do not fit her. I used so much force I was sure I was going to break something, but they will not go on. I contacted Fairyland about it and they, as usual, asked for photos. I cant take a photo of that issue! I’d have to make a video. But I did what they asked, explained that I had used a lot of force, and we’ll see what they say. I even tried carving the inside of the hands to no avail.

I hope I can share some better photos in the future, and I’ll be keeping all heads (Chloe and event pukifee head) for now :) The Moe line body will probably be sold at some point, I just prefer the longer legs!


Fairyline body

To my big surprise I got an email from Fairyland telling me that my order is shipped! That is way before the expected date (sometime in August) so I hope they didn’t rush too much and send me a bad body :P

It also seems like I’ll be getting the pukifee event faceplate.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 12.21.05

I’m not sure how I feel about it, it’s kinda cute? It would be fun to add some color to it, see if I like her better that way. But I don’t really have plans to add another pukifee to the family. It’ll still be fun to see it in real life :)

A hoy hoy!

Update time!

I’ve been thinking for a long time about getting Lexi a new body, because I’m not really loving the Moe body as much as I’d like.
I came across a lovely lady looking to buy a Realfee May, and since mine has been untouched pretty much since I got her, I decided to sell her. I’m really happy I got to have her for a small while, just to experience the Realfee line.

But I noticed Fairyland had the basic Fairyline up for sale, and while I’d love a Fairyline Sia, her face wasn’t an option as basic, only a handful of heads were. I decided to get another Chloe face, because I really don’t want to fall in love with a new doll and needing yet another body.

I hope I’ll like the Fairyline body, it doesn’t seem so different from the active line (apart from that I didn’t get chest sizes to choose from, so she’ll get some huge boobs!) so I think it’ll be okay.

I think I’ll hold off on selling the Moe body until the Fairyline body gets here, I may sell the body with the blank Chloe head, or keep it to practice faceups on.



I got the cutest package ever :D There was some adorable decorations as well, but I couldn’t wait to open it :P


I just so happen to love Rilakkuma, and getting chocolates bought in Japan was such a fun treat :)


I have done some needle felting in the past, and I love kits like this ^^


I cant describe how happy this made me, not only do I absolutely love all of these eyes (shapes and colors) I can also use them as a reference if I’d rather paint eyes on myself :) And who doesn’t love pokemon butts, lol ^^ I plan on hanging mine on my 3DS :)


I found out I actually prefer the WS Azones :P This girl is WS, and my other two are NS. I have a new doll, and she needs clothes, shoes, hair and a face! I have an extra obitsu head I’ll be testing the decals on, to see how they work.


Thanks so much to Andreja, I’m so grateful for this give-away and I still can’t believe I actually got 2nd prize :)

Spring is in the air

…well, it’s still freezing and snowing, but I can feel spring closing in (and the pollen season has already started, itchy eyes and stuffy nose) and I just feel like trying new things!

I’ve been loving the obitsu azone hybrids so much that I’ve started looking at other obitsu/parabox heads as well. I would love to just order a bunch of different heads and see what happens, unfortunately I have some expenses this month so I can’t afford to buy much of anything.

I did buy two heads today though, obitsu heads like the two others I own, but these have rooted hair! I really love pink, so I got two of those :D


I hope they’ll be as gorgeous in real life :D I obviously don’t have bodies for them, but I want to wait and see if I like the rooted versions first.

With this new spring feeling, I’m starting to want things for my dolls at home too. I need clothes and wigs and eyes! Oh, and shoes. I hope the fashion designers of the dolly world will be inspired by the current boho trend and make some lovely stuff that I can buy :P