Wigs and eyes

I have decided to try other wig colors for Cygne, because the white is just a tiny bit boring for some reason. I’ve ordered a pink one, but it did look a little thin in the sales photos, so I’m very eager and a little nervous for it to plop into my mailbox!

As I was thinking of colors for her, I decided to try that trick people were using a few years back, putting pastels in the hair! I didn’t go crazy with it even if I sort of wanted to, because Im not sure how easy it’ll wash out:

I really liked the results, but may have gone about it differently if I were to do it over.
You may also notice that I replaced her eyelashes! The white ones she came with were nice and all, but I found them a little too overpowering in the end. I’ve edited the color of her eyes here, just to get a feel for what blue would look like on her.

Speaking of eyes, I took a chance and ordered some multi-color eyes for her yesterday. I have no idea if they’ll look anything like the sales photos, I’m guessing they’ll be more muted than they looked, and I’m a little worried that if I dont place them just right, she’ll look cross eyed. Only time will tell, I have such a limited collection of eyes in her size so I don’t mind adding some more :) Who knows if there will be more big girls in my future, or if I decide to change up her look completely some day.

As for Cygne herself, I feel myself liking her more and more. I may start looking for a name for her soon, but I feel I need more time to figure her out first.
That is the most fun and frustrating thing about suddenly owning a large girl, she can’t borrow stuff from the dolls I already have and have spent time collecting things for. I either have to buy or make her things, which may or may not fit her character. It is such a pleasure when I find something that suits her :)

I tried to make my new girl some clothes

I found a pattern for leggings on Etsy (QTDolls on Etsy) and I tried printing a pattern I had for MSD sweater at 133%, just to see if it would fit.

The first pair of leggings are a tiny bit short for her, probably because I used a fairly thick fabric, and the first sweater was made with a fabric I got on sale ages ago, I have so much of it and since it was so cheap it wont matter as much if I mess up :)

The funny thing is that I think the first sweater and tights turned out pretty good!
I used my serger on the sweater because that fabric is a real pain to work with.

I made a pair of white leggings as well, I used a skirt I got on sale and they turned out pretty good :)
Next I made a sweater using some gorgeous fabric I got on Etsy a few years ago, it has the most adorable little strawberries on it, and I used the same pink fabric from the previous sweater for cuffs and stuff. I think I’m going to make a pair of leggings from the pink fabric as well, I think it’ll go really well with the sweater :)

Box opening!

This box is HUGE

Red box and bubbles

I got my very first Fairyland calendar! :D

I love this design, so gorgeous


Instructions and certificate

Here she iiiis!

High heeled feet

LTF event face

Getting close now ^^

Such a beautiful face

I need new eyes, new wig, and clothes ASAP

I cant believe how big and heavy she is compared to Fairyline :D


One last picture


That’s my new girl!
I think I may give her regular lashes, the white ones are not clicking for me. She does give me sort of a mermaid vibe, so I can’t wait to get to know her better :)

Cygne is home!

She is home!!

It’s getting so late that I haven’t had time to edit box opening pics yet, so I plan to post those tomorrow instead

I am so not prepared for this girl, and I need to get her just about everything. I’m not thrilled with the color of the wig I got her, so I am going to have to slowly purchase wigs, eyes and clothes for her.

Can’t wait to show her off!

She has left South Korea!

My Cygne is on a plane right now, traveling to her new home!

I’ve already seen some photos of her on instagram, and she looks so beautiful :)
The fullset looks gorgeous in the photos I’ve seen, but not so much that I regret not getting it. I read that the wig was exactly what I thought it would be, the typical wig that Fairyland sends with, nearly impossible to do anything with. And I’m really curious to see if those (real) feathers will look as nice in the future. I do love the sparkly eyes though, but I’m sure I can find some other eyes that will fit her just as well :) I still dream of owning urethane eyes one day, but considering how many eyes I’ve ordered in the past that didn’t look as I hoped they would, that would sting a lot more when spending that much on just the one pair.

Anyway, I hope she’ll be home this week, but if not then early next week I think :) I can’t believe she is this close! I need to get serious about getting her some clothes :P