Eva came home!

Eva arrived yesterday, and I took some pics but I haven’t gotten around to editing any yet, I hope to do so tomorrow and upload them here :)

Im also hoping Moon will arrive tomorrow, but she may have been released from customs too late, so it might not be until monday.

The race is on, place your bets!

I almost can’t believe this, I got my tracking number for both minifee Eva and chibbi Moon today!
I can’t remember if I’ve ever had 2 dolls come home this close, but if I have it’s been a while :)

It’s funny how complete opposites they will be, Minifee Eva is coming as a fullset with premium eyes and faceup, while Moon on the other hand is coming naked, bald, and with a pair of random eyes!

I can’t wait to see who reaches me first, so far Minifee is winning since she has already been shipped from Korea, while Moon is waiting to be shipped from France.


I cant control myself

My minifee Eva just updated to “before shipping”, and what do I do?

I order _another_ doll!

I’ve been following Lillycat for years, always amazed at her dolls, how different they are, but never dared to try one of her creations myself. But chibbi moon was too cute to pass up!

I now have 2 incoming cuties, and I cant wait! I know I dont do well with too many dolls though, so someone may have to go eventually, but for now I’m going to enjoy the ride :)

Some Evas are arriving, and eyemaking

I’ve seen a couple of owner photos of Minifee Eva on instagram already!

She looks really pretty, the only thing that surprised me a bit is that her faceup (especially lashes and brows) seem extremely orange. I should be able to fix it easily enough if my girl comes looking like an oompa loompa. Apart from the orange touch, I think I really like her. She looks a bit different from her promo pics, but they all usually do :P She looks sweet, which is something I adore in a doll.
I still have a long wait ahead of me, about a month and a half.

I did also buy a mold for a pair of 14mm and a pair of 16mm eyes. I’m having some issues though, because I can’t seem to get the resin completely white :O I purchased some white-ish UV resin, and added some white color to it, which worked great until I realized the UV light can’t penetrate the entire mold, so they remain fluid below the surface :/

I’m going to continue to test it out a bit, I’ll probably end up buying a clear mold at some point.


Wish list

In an effort to gather my thoughts, I’m going to write down what I currently need for my dolls, focusing on BJDs only.

Feeple60 girl:

  • She needs a name
  • Alpaca to make her a wig, inspired by my previous pastel fun
  • Eyes. Preferably eyes with many colors, or possibly one color but with gems or glitter. I’m thinking Mako or oscardoll eyes, but I’m not sure about her eye size
  • More clothes, I only have a few items for her
  • More hands

For my incoming minifee as well as Lexi and Lusis:

  • Alpaca, and a bunch of fun hair dyes. I really want to make more wigs!
  • If I don’t like the premium eyes for my Spirit, I may need some new ones. Wait and see what size will fit her best, and what color!
  • Shorts/bottoms. I have a few sweaters for my girls, and tights and stockings, but not a whole lot of bottoms to go with!
  • Maybe more hands

I also want to do a wig and get some clothes for my pukifee and pukipuki, but I want to focus on my big girl and the MSDs right now :) Out of all my dolls, my pukifee has the most clothes I think.

It will be a while before I can start buying any of these items, as the full package spirit girl drained my savings, but it helps having lists! I’ve always enjoyed writing lists, more than actually completing them ^^
Oh, one thing I’m not looking forwards to, is painting the shoes! They will come unpainted which is a small disappointment, but I think I have some gold acrylics somewhere, and of course I have white, so I hope I can make them look like the stock photos in the end.

Beautiful shoes.. Probably a pain to paint! Tiny details all over the place.