Lexi -MNF FL Chloe-

Photo 10.08.14 13 25 02

Placed my order with fairyland 01.01.14, she shipped out on the 14th of april and was finally home with me on april 22nd. (Easter holidays delayed her)

Minifee Chloe, M-line hybrid with A-line big bust, NS.
I’ve named her Lexi.

On May 14th 2016 I placed an order for a Fairyline body for her, as I didn’t really love the Moe line as much as I had hoped I would. The body shipped on June 3rd 2016.
The Fairyline body came with the biggest chest size, so I later bought her a size down from DoA.

I didn’t care for the Fairyline body, so for now she’s sharing the body of my minifee Eva, who has a renewal a-line body.