Litja -PKF Ante-

Yaaay pukifee ante again! :D

Made in 2011, I’m her second owner ^^ I paid her off completely on 27.10.2011, and she arrived 04.11.2011

She is such a perfect little cutie ^^ To me she is a tiny package filled with tons of fun ;D It was love at first sight, and she is already the most spoiled PKF in the world, lol ^^

She has such a wonderful personality. In her own mind she is a brave adventurer, and a tomboy. In reality she is a little scaredy cat, lol ^^ And she is always a bit shy when I put her in a beautiful dress, but once she gets over herself she’ll be twirling around enjoying being a girly-girl.

She loves to cuddle up with pillows, blankets and teddies for a nice nap, and is as adorable as can be.

I finally got her a sister in 2012, a PKF Luna. At first the two didn’t really know what to make of each other, but it didn’t take them long to become the closest of friends. They can even share toys without arguing!