Lusis -Unoa Lusis-

Arrived on 22.06.2011

I’m her second owner, and according to her previous owner she was made around 2008, so she is already an older doll.

Lusis was one of my two holy grail dolls, and when I saw her previous owner was interested in a trade for a minifee I decided to ask if she would be interested in my Rheia (plus cash obviously), and imagine my joy when she accepted, lol ^^ She let me know when it was kind of late, about 11 pm, and I immediately called my mom and was all like “squeee she said yes, I’m getting Lusiiiis!!1!!”.

As many may know, Lusis (or you know, Unoas in general) are expensive dolls, and are only up for pre-order once in a blue moon, so I wasn’t expecting to get my own so soon. I was drawn to her lovely lips, her cute nose, and of course her lovely eyes, and I always thought her legs were so cute :D I feel extremely lucky to have this chance, I know some doll collectors take years to be able to afford and get one.