Doing some “spring” cleaning, and putting items on instagram for sale

I decided it was time to let some of my floating faceplates and other items go. I’ve been out of the community part of the hobby for so long, and it doesn’t seem like people use Den of Angels as much anymore? For selling, I mean.

I decided to try putting stuff on instagram, it’s easier than filling out 10 sales posts on DoA, just popped all the images into one post, and write in the description. Unfortunately, it seems easier for people to flake on you. I’ve been holding an item pretty much from the second I put it up for sale. People say they want it, and never replies when I ask for an offer on said item. I had to write back to so many people telling them I was still waiting to hear back from someone several times!
I can see if people have read my message to them, and I can also see if they have been active lately, so it hurts a little to wait around for someone to never reply :O

Oh well, I guess I cant do much but wait for the right buyer :)

In other news, I think I’m going to be selling my fairyline doll. I can’t stand her body to be honest. I love what it can do with the magnets, easy replacement of arms, legs, chest size and so on, but I dont like playing with it at all. I much prefer the a-line.
Lexi has moved on from that body, to my Eva’s body. I’m still not sure what I think of Eva, I want to try and give her a faceup, but I’m not sure if that will help. I still love the full set outfit and horns though, and Lexi looks amazing as a willow spirit :D

I still want to get another minifee some day, as I quite liked having two of them, but it’ll be an a-line body for sure. I would really like to buy a nanuri 14 face, or Liria, but those heads go for a fortune unfortunately, so I doubt I’ll ever own any of them.

Anyway, that was my little new year update I guess :)


  1. pepperonipizza says:

    People suck. That’s why you have to say you only hold items for x amount of time, so you can move on quickly! I just sold my first item on Insta, but the experience is the same on fb…People ask, and then disappear. It’s frustrating. Good luck with your sales!

    • I understand if there is a big time difference, but when you see people have been active several times after they told you they wanted your item, it’s hard to not be annoyed. I have sold 3 items though, so it’s fine, it was just a stressful experience :P

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