One baby dragon please!

I can’t believe I haven’t seen these cuties from Aileendoll before!
They are little dragon kits, you get to build your own dragon! They are not made of resin though, but plastic. The price is also so much lower than their resin siblings :)

I got this little pink one:

I got purple eyes with it. Haven’t decided if it’s a girl or boy yet :)
I hope it travels fast, but post has slowed down because of the holidays and stuff, so it might not arrive for a while. It’s gonna be so much fun to put it together!

I still haven’t given my Lillycat Moon a face yet, but I did order some alpaca so I can make her a wig :)

I’m still figuring out if I love my minifee Eva or not. I’m not sure, it could be that I sort of hate her faceup. We’ll see, I love her full set so much though :D And I vastly prefer the renewal a-line to the fairyline body. So 90% of this doll is staying with me, but I might sell her face, and I am probably going to get rid of the fairyline body that Lexi is currently on.

That’s it for now!


  1. pepperonipizza says:

    OMG – how have I not known about these? So cute!

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