Moon is also home!

I picked her up on Friday the 10th, and here is her box opening: (again sorry for bad photos, we have no daylight after I get home from work)

Banged up box, always makes me a little worried!

Box is protected by bubbles ^^ It still got banged up on one side though

Oh yes! My very first Lillycat box :D

So pretty :D

Love the little tips too :)

I see one adorable belly

This lil guy is keeping her tiny tiny eyes safe

They are actually pink, they appear more brown here

Carefully wrapped

And here she is! I am so in love with this girl, just wow

Tiny and delicate

Her size is just so exciting, unfortunately I don’t have a wig or clothes that fit her at the moment, and it doesn’t seem like it will be an easy task to get hold of anything either. So this little one will be a big project for me, which I’m fine with :)

I do have some plans with faceup, I want to go the same route as Andreja did with hers, a rainbow faceup. I’ve collected some reference photos of real makeup, but I’m going to keep looking and see what I come up with :)

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