Minifee Eva box opening

Here it is, finally! Sorry for bad photos, it’s so dark when I get home from work so I had to rely on artificial lighting.

Such a huge box!

I’m pretty sure that’s an entire newspaper :P

Full set box :D It’s so pretty

At the bottom, the doll box!

That dress is gorgeous! And the thing on the top there is my event gift, a free wig :)

I’m really happy I got a blonde wig with her. And look at those cute panties!

Antlers, love them!

Painting these are going to be hell! It’s so hard to see where the lacey parts begin and end!

On to the dolly box!

Hello there cutie!

Honestly her face feels sooo small! I kind of hate the shape of her eyebrows to be honest, but everything else is beautiful.

Another view :)

With fullset wig, kinda cute

Her white lashes simply fell out when I changed her eyes :S

I did a little swap and I gotta say I love this so much! Honestly, I’m not a fan of the fairyline body that Lexi usually has (Eva is on the Fairyline in this pic)

This was the worst fullset to actually get on a doll. It took me absolutely for ever. And, the corset gets messed up as soon as I put on the underskirt, because it’s too poofy. I also think the 14mm eyes looked big on her, so I tried these on my Cygne with some success:

Like I said, I hate Evas eyebrows, so she will most likely get a makeover in the future, but I really like her so far :) I think she looks much better in real life than what I am capable of capturing in photos for some reason. And yeah, at some point I am going to sell my Fairyline body, because I strongly prefer the a-line renewal.

Anyway, wish my new girl welcome :D


  1. What don’t you like about the Fairyline body? I was thinking of getting one in case I want to buy a fantasy part later on but maybe it’s not worth it? I can’t find reviews and comparisons on it.

    I dislike my Eva’s eyebrows too. Somehow mine looks sadder and more worried than yours. But the rest of the faceup is SO PRETTY. The fullset took me like a solid hour of threading both the corset and shoe thingies. Oi.

    • I think a-line feels sturdier than fairyline, my fairyline body loves to flop forwards and I’m not sure if sueding would help since its the upper hip part that’s the biggest issue for me. Honestly if I ever wanted a doll to have permanent fantasylegs, fairyline would be my choice, but since I’ve found that I just prefer human legs, a-line is my preference :) Sorry, not sure that helped you much.

      I didn’t think it was possible to look more worried than my Eva XD

      • No that’s still useful. I really don’t like floppy dolls. Like my SDGr is obnoxiously floppy even after tightening.

        I’ve read the F-line body has kicky knees, too. Must be all those independent strings with different tensions. I’m still a little undecided because what if I DO want the fantasy parts on all the time? Maybe it’s kinda like the difference between the m-line and a-line? The m-line is a rock but I didn’t like how short it was, didn’t feel like a 1/4 scale anymore to me.

        Thank you for replying. :)

        • The hips are my biggest issue really, and I’ve thought the same thing, too many strings :)
          I didn’t care much for the m-line either, I really missed my doll being able to sit properly. Sure, she could stand, but I usually have my dolls sit on shelves, and that was a big issue with the m-line, she always had to lean back and it looked uncomfortable ;P

          There could be some trick to the fairyline body, some re-stringing or sueding or something, I just don’t want to have to struggle to enjoy a doll, so the body will be put up for sale soon :)

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