Some Evas are arriving, and eyemaking

I’ve seen a couple of owner photos of Minifee Eva on instagram already!

She looks really pretty, the only thing that surprised me a bit is that her faceup (especially lashes and brows) seem extremely orange. I should be able to fix it easily enough if my girl comes looking like an oompa loompa. Apart from the orange touch, I think I really like her. She looks a bit different from her promo pics, but they all usually do :P She looks sweet, which is something I adore in a doll.
I still have a long wait ahead of me, about a month and a half.

I did also buy a mold for a pair of 14mm and a pair of 16mm eyes. I’m having some issues though, because I can’t seem to get the resin completely white :O I purchased some white-ish UV resin, and added some white color to it, which worked great until I realized the UV light can’t penetrate the entire mold, so they remain fluid below the surface :/

I’m going to continue to test it out a bit, I’ll probably end up buying a clear mold at some point.


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