Wish list

In an effort to gather my thoughts, I’m going to write down what I currently need for my dolls, focusing on BJDs only.

Feeple60 girl:

  • She needs a name
  • Alpaca to make her a wig, inspired by my previous pastel fun
  • Eyes. Preferably eyes with many colors, or possibly one color but with gems or glitter. I’m thinking Mako or oscardoll eyes, but I’m not sure about her eye size
  • More clothes, I only have a few items for her
  • More hands

For my incoming minifee as well as Lexi and Lusis:

  • Alpaca, and a bunch of fun hair dyes. I really want to make more wigs!
  • If I don’t like the premium eyes for my Spirit, I may need some new ones. Wait and see what size will fit her best, and what color!
  • Shorts/bottoms. I have a few sweaters for my girls, and tights and stockings, but not a whole lot of bottoms to go with!
  • Maybe more hands

I also want to do a wig and get some clothes for my pukifee and pukipuki, but I want to focus on my big girl and the MSDs right now :) Out of all my dolls, my pukifee has the most clothes I think.

It will be a while before I can start buying any of these items, as the full package spirit girl drained my savings, but it helps having lists! I’ve always enjoyed writing lists, more than actually completing them ^^
Oh, one thing I’m not looking forwards to, is painting the shoes! They will come unpainted which is a small disappointment, but I think I have some gold acrylics somewhere, and of course I have white, so I hope I can make them look like the stock photos in the end.

Beautiful shoes.. Probably a pain to paint! Tiny details all over the place.

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