We moved!

I haven’t had the chance to practice my airbrushing, or do anything doll-related for some time, because moving takes a whole lot of time.

It took a while to find a place to set my dolls where they wont be hit by any daylight, so I’m still moving things around. I’m hoping to finish the wig I’ve been working on for my Lusis soon, it has been a really frustrating process, I actually managed to ruin a ton of beautiful alpaca locks, because I was agitating the locks too much when washing them, and I think the water was too hot, so everything became felted :( I had to order more, but they were out of the super long locks so I had to trim the small parts I had already glued on the wig cap.

I hope I can find something to use the felted alpaca for, the ends are ok so maybe I can make a cute short wig for my pukipuki? We’ll see, I just hate the idea of throwing it out.

Anyway, not much else is new, I’m planning on testing out some patterns later, finishing the wig, and maybe ordering more alpaca to make my big girl a nice wig ^^ Honestly though, moving cost us a lot so I need to be a little careful with my spending for a while :P

I hope everyone had an amazing summer, I hope to post more again soon :)

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