This has been one awesome easter

I’ve painted 2 dolls (Obitsu and Monster High) and I’ve researched airbrushes and compressors to the point where I think I can start using mine as soon as the compressor gets here!

I actually also ordered some Twinkies with the compressor, I’ve always wanted to try some since I’ve seen them in so many movies over the years :) A part of me hopes they aren’t as delicious as they look, because they were expensive and the ingredients are pretty much all sugar and corn syrup ^^

When it comes to my research, I’ve found a lot of helpful videos, but there are some things I’m still unsure of. I hope I will learn quickly, because the thought of never having to buy another can of MSC excites me so much.
I was thinking I could do a tutorial once I figure out things, but there is so much info out there already, and Andreja has a couple of videos about it too, so it may be redundant. If I learn anything that may be useful to others, I’ll be sure to post it.

The airbrush I got is called iwata Revolution – HP-BR, and it has a 0.3mm nozzle.
I also invest in a cleaning station (which I later found at a lower price elsewhere! Oh well..)

The compressor I got is called Sparmax TC 610H, and I can not tell you if it is a great one or not. I know it has some features that are good, but as for the quality, I have no idea! I came across a video where the guy recommended not spending a fortune on a compressor, and that a “basic” one designed for airbrushed will serve you well. It has a 2.5 liter tank, and auto on and off switch, a pressure regulator and moisture filter, and all those things are good :)

Other important stuff I have learned is to never place the compressor on a desk, it will eventually jump off because of vibrations, and to always empty the tank after use when it may be a while before you turn it on again.
I’ve been learning about cleaning the airbrush too, but have seen some contradicting information about it. Some say you shouldn’t clean it too often, others say to clean after every use. When I say clean, I mean taking it apart and cleaning every single piece.
I imagine that for stuff like varnish, cleaning everything is the way to go, but do I need to do that in the 30 minutes it takes a coat to dry and is ready for another coat? When using paints, I think spraying a little airbrush cleaner after use may be enough, but I will learn as I go.

I have seen a lot of people be annoyed with airbrushes because they require so much cleaning, so I have always been a bit apprehensive about the whole thing, but honestly, after taking mine apart, it doesn’t seem so bad. One guy just took all the parts and put them in a cup of nail polish remover, and it got a lot of gunk off the pieces.

This is my little guy, and I can’t wait to get him home! Maybe I can even start a faceup for my Hemera Maru :) Blushing will hopefully be easier with all this new stuff!

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