Alpaca and airbrush!

It turns out I did order bundled alpaca after all, I am so confused. My order history shows unbundled, but this was definitively bundled!

Lets have a look at what I got:

To be honest, 1 oz wasn’t as much as I thought it was (so of course I went ahead and ordered some more), and I did lose a lot of fiber during the process, but honestly I think it was a little bit my fault because I was rushing through the process :P I was so excited to see if I could get it all clean and white, that I didn’t really spend as much time as I should have, cleaning the fibers.

I had to wash it several times to end up with clean water, but I should have spent more time loosening the fibers and removing grass and dirt.

The same goes for the ombre effect, I really should have spent some time learning HOW to get a nice transition, but I rushed the first couple of locks, so they didn’t turn out great. But I admit, I enjoyed the process a lot. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough to make a complete wig for Kira, but I started one anyway. The fibers are also extremely long, and just too long for my tiny dolls. I need to figure out how I can cut it and still have nice feathery ends.

And here is my new baby!
I almost messed up so badly, I was watching some tutorials on how to take thing this apart and clean it (just to be prepared for when I can actually use it) and for a few minutes there, I didn’t think I was going to be able to put it back together. The trigger sort of fell out, and I could not figure out how to get it back in! My savior became a youtube video, in german! I had no idea what they were saying, but the video was so clear that I could figure out just by watching it :)
And I think I learned very much by messing up. Now I know how to take the whole thing apart, and put it back together again :)

I still need to watch some more videos, but I have plenty of time since it’ll be a while before I can get a compressor.

I will continue my wig adventures as well, and I really want to get some more colors to dye with!

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