Hemera Maru

My beautiful cyclops arrived a while ago, so have a very delayed box opening:

Such a tiny package


Tiny box inside


Getting warmer


Box with kitty, box with eye and bonus elastic!


Lets take a look at the eye I ordered


I love it so much, I forgot to ask for glitter though


Oh my god!


That is one big eye hole!


That is better :)


I love this little one so much!


I want more kitties now


Look how tiny this thing is!


Im so happy to have this little guy (or girl) at home! It arrived 18th of January, so I am a bit late with this box opening :P

The eye is so adorable, I chose to pay a little extra to decide which eye he would come with and I dont regret it. I hope they will open for eye-orders at some point, because I saw several others I would love to have.
I still have no idea how to paint this doll, I do love the siamese that they have pictured on their website, so I may copy that style. All I know is that I would love to own more than one of these guys, and I would really love to get the smaller cat as well as the bunny in the future :) Who knew I would end up owning a cyclops doll!

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