Actually the body arrived a while ago, on june 7th :P

I was dead tired, my room was really dark and I couldn’t be bothered to do a proper box opening. Since it wasn’t really the arrival of a new doll, but a new body instead, I figured it didn’t matter as much. I did use my phone to take some pictures though, but the quality is horrid. I really enjoyed sitting on my bed, opening this big box, it was so relaxing after a day at work :)

Lets get going!


Lexi was also excited to see her new body :P




A very blank box, why did they stop putting stickers on them?


Fairy Line! And certificate :)


Oh wow, those boobs are HUGE!


Before the swap.. Look at those looong legs! :D And I’m still scared of those huge boobs…


Those big boobs make it hard to balance I think, lol ^^ Needed a helping hand :P


Legs <3


Oh no, a cute face!

Overall I’m very happy with the fairyline body. There are some things I’m not thrilled with, and some things I love. I may talk more in detail about it later, but I’d buy the body again if I could :)

True to each and every box opening I’ve had from Fairyland, there was an issue. The hands I have at home do not fit her. I used so much force I was sure I was going to break something, but they will not go on. I contacted Fairyland about it and they, as usual, asked for photos. I cant take a photo of that issue! I’d have to make a video. But I did what they asked, explained that I had used a lot of force, and we’ll see what they say. I even tried carving the inside of the hands to no avail.

I hope I can share some better photos in the future, and I’ll be keeping all heads (Chloe and event pukifee head) for now :) The Moe line body will probably be sold at some point, I just prefer the longer legs!


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