A general update

I’ve been a bit busy lately, I’m just done with school and am unemployed, so I’m searching like crazy for jobs, and it’s not easy at all.

I’ve also been working on some face-ups for a friend, Baha is still a way from being complete but the other head is coming along nicely.

I’m also very unsure about Lusis’ chest piece. I actually think the big ones are a little too big for her, but I doubt I’ll be happy with the completely flat ones, I really wish there was a medium. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love her to death, I’ve been completely unable to do anything without her by my side, lol ^^ I just can’t wait to get her new eyes, then I’ll do her face-up again.

One day soon I’ll have to get everyone out of their boxes, Lusis has pretty much stolen all my attention the last few days ;) She’s a clever little thing!

Yeah, she is stunning ;D

Oh, and I am planning on buying another Dollzone Feilian one of these days, I’ve been in touch with the dealer on eBay several times actually, and she told me that Dollzone is pretty backed up on orders right now so if anyone is planning on ordering, prepare for insane waiting!

And guess what. I want another Lusis. I want the body and a sleeping faceplate, that I’m going to open up a little bit. She really has me addicted :P But she still hasn’t told me her name, I think she’s waiting for her new eyes ;D

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