Face-up #1 :P

I’m not happy with this one at all, I think the eyeshadow color don’t fit her and the eyelashes turned out pretty bad, though they look worse in photos than they do in real life. Either way, I’m keeping this face-up until I get to know her better :)


She is drowning in this wig, it’s 7/8″ and she is supposed to wear 6/7″, but I still love how it looks on her and it’ll have to do until I can get her something new :) I also can’t wait to get other eyes for her, I think that will make it easier to get her face-up right as well :)

I’m slowly coming down from the shock of actually owning my holy grail doll, and I’m starting to get to know her better :) She has a small issue with the left elbow piece, it won’t stay in the groove thingies like the one on her right does, but I’m not too annoyed by it. She’s wearing a dollzone outfit in these photos, it’s actually too small for her, lol ^^ I don’t get why people call unoas slim MSDs, there is nothing slim about her at all ;) She’s so gorgeous, I can’t seem to do anything without having her by my side :D

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