Working on my new girl!

I’m just giving her a super quick face-up right now, to make her more mine and also to see how I want her to end up. I’m guessing this will be the first of many face-ups to come :P

I was more or less asleep earlier today when I posted the box opening photos, and now that I’m more awake I can tell you that I love her even more! :D I had to go out for this small course thing, and I honestly missed her so much! Oh, before I went out though, I thought her arms were acting sort of weird, and it turns out her left hand was strung on her right side and the other way around, so no wonder! I ended up restringing her completely, though I still think she might be a bit loose in her body, I also kind of like her this way ^^

I tried putting River next to her though, and boy that pink resin makes her look so yellow :P Poor thing, lol ^^ I can’t wait to finish her first face-up and have her back in my arms, it’s torture having to wait for MSC layers to dry, I just want to out her back together and hold her and stare at her :P

Money well spent, and trade well worth it!

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