Holy grail box opening!

Ever since I got my tracking number I haven’t been sleeping well. I’ve had dreams as well as nightmares about this. I don’t know if you know what its like, to want a doll this bad, be completely sure you wont be able to get one until you’re 60, and when it suddenly happens its joy and fear at once, finally I’ll have her but what if I don’t like her and so on. Because sometimes the dream can be better than reality!

Well, since I knew she’d be at the post office today, I didn’t get much sleep at all. My nightmares included that the post had shipped her from my town to some other random town far away from here :P

Anyway, I was up once at 5 am, and I got up again at 9 am, I didn’t even make a coffee before dressing and running to get her. Since this is my holy grail doll, I decided to do the box opening myself, and I apologize in advance for the horrid photos :P

The red smart post box!

lol, the tiny(!) box within the big one!

*cue religious music* never thought I'd see this box in real life!

Someone knows how to ship a doll ;)

getting closer...

Cloooser... (by the way, I love getting little notes when I adopt dolls!)

*grabby hands*


oh lord..

Some temporary borrowed clothes!



My conclusion: I love her.. I absolutely love her! I was prepared for her being a bit floppy, so I’m going to take her apart one day and clean her and string her a bit tighter, and of course eventually I’ll give her a new face-up, I’m thinking pink tones for her, and oooh my god how I love the resin! She has such a nice weight, and she is just… Honestly, I haven’t been able to put her down!

Her skin color is absolutely more yellow than fairyland NS, but she isn’t yellow in the sense that you look at her and think “oh my what a yellow doll”. I actually really love her color. And I love her “chunky” body, and I say chunky because I’m used to the amazingly skinny minifees, and I have to say its really comfortable to have a doll that looks more healthy, if that makes any sense at all.

I have one of my two holy grail dolls! I have my very own Lusis!! I can’t thank her previous owner enough, I promise that she’ll be loved for years to come, she’ll probably be spoiled rotten and won’t see the inside of her box other than for sleeping ;D

Oh, and I also promise to take better photos soon, the above photos don’t show even a third of her actual beauty!

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