Box opening!

This box is HUGE

Red box and bubbles

I got my very first Fairyland calendar! :D

I love this design, so gorgeous


Instructions and certificate

Here she iiiis!

High heeled feet

LTF event face

Getting close now ^^

Such a beautiful face

I need new eyes, new wig, and clothes ASAP

I cant believe how big and heavy she is compared to Fairyline :D


One last picture


That’s my new girl!
I think I may give her regular lashes, the white ones are not clicking for me. She does give me sort of a mermaid vibe, so I can’t wait to get to know her better :)

Cygne is home!

She is home!!

It’s getting so late that I haven’t had time to edit box opening pics yet, so I plan to post those tomorrow instead

I am so not prepared for this girl, and I need to get her just about everything. I’m not thrilled with the color of the wig I got her, so I am going to have to slowly purchase wigs, eyes and clothes for her.

Can’t wait to show her off!

She has left South Korea!

My Cygne is on a plane right now, traveling to her new home!

I’ve already seen some photos of her on instagram, and she looks so beautiful :)
The fullset looks gorgeous in the photos I’ve seen, but not so much that I regret not getting it. I read that the wig was exactly what I thought it would be, the typical wig that Fairyland sends with, nearly impossible to do anything with. And I’m really curious to see if those (real) feathers will look as nice in the future. I do love the sparkly eyes though, but I’m sure I can find some other eyes that will fit her just as well :) I still dream of owning urethane eyes one day, but considering how many eyes I’ve ordered in the past that didn’t look as I hoped they would, that would sting a lot more when spending that much on just the one pair.

Anyway, I hope she’ll be home this week, but if not then early next week I think :) I can’t believe she is this close! I need to get serious about getting her some clothes :P

Before shipping!

My Cygne order from Fairyland has been updated to before shipping! I cant for the life of me remember how long it usually takes from the status change to actual shipping, but it can’t be that long?

I have never been this unprepared for a dolls arrival! I basically only have 1 wig ready for her, and that’s it. I’m sure I can find some eyes in my giant box of eyes, but I doubt I will find something she’ll be wearing as a default unfortunately. I mostly have smaller sized eyes laying around, and a few weird colors in 16mm, and maybe 2 or 3 pairs of 18mm!

All I have for clothes are some badly sewn stuff from back in the day when I had my very first BJD, Luts Miyu. I remember that I didn’t shop that much stuff for her, because I thought it was insane to spend more on a piece of clothing for my doll, than what I’d spend on my own clothes! Of course I was a student back then, so I couldn’t really save up that much, and my priorities were a little different. (Affording food was my main concern, lol)

I still wish I could have gotten her vampire head with faceup, but I’m also excited to see if I’ll actually bond with her, and if I’ll like her in real life. It’s gotten easier since Fairyland actually release videos now, but it’s still the best angles in the best light, and nothing compares to having the doll in your own hands, seeing her with your own eyes. My main concern is her nose, I’m not a fan of long noses and it seems like she has a slightly long nose. I would be able to modify that, but I’ve gotten so scared of modding ever since I tried to do it to Celine’s lip and I ended up with difference in resin color. Tiny stuff like that bothers me SO much, and I didn’t feel like my pastel game was strong enough to cover it with a faceup.

Anyway, I can’t wait to meet her, she feels so close I can almost smell the fresh resin now! I hope I get a tracking number soon, and I hope she hurries home :)

Hemera Maru

My beautiful cyclops arrived a while ago, so have a very delayed box opening:

Such a tiny package


Tiny box inside


Getting warmer


Box with kitty, box with eye and bonus elastic!


Lets take a look at the eye I ordered


I love it so much, I forgot to ask for glitter though


Oh my god!


That is one big eye hole!


That is better :)


I love this little one so much!


I want more kitties now


Look how tiny this thing is!


Im so happy to have this little guy (or girl) at home! It arrived 18th of January, so I am a bit late with this box opening :P

The eye is so adorable, I chose to pay a little extra to decide which eye he would come with and I dont regret it. I hope they will open for eye-orders at some point, because I saw several others I would love to have.
I still have no idea how to paint this doll, I do love the siamese that they have pictured on their website, so I may copy that style. All I know is that I would love to own more than one of these guys, and I would really love to get the smaller cat as well as the bunny in the future :) Who knew I would end up owning a cyclops doll!