They are finally here! My girls first pair of shoes!

I really like them, but the size is way off. I couldn’t get her flat feet in them, even if the length is more than enough. She can get them on using the high heel feet, but they are too short to fill the shoe too.

I knew it would be a challenge to find shoes that fit well, so I am still happy with these :) Those grey tights dont go well with them however, so I need to make her something cute eventually.

I tried to make my new girl some clothes

I found a pattern for leggings on Etsy (QTDolls on Etsy) and I tried printing a pattern I had for MSD sweater at 133%, just to see if it would fit.

The first pair of leggings are a tiny bit short for her, probably because I used a fairly thick fabric, and the first sweater was made with a fabric I got on sale ages ago, I have so much of it and since it was so cheap it wont matter as much if I mess up :)

The funny thing is that I think the first sweater and tights turned out pretty good!
I used my serger on the sweater because that fabric is a real pain to work with.

I made a pair of white leggings as well, I used a skirt I got on sale and they turned out pretty good :)
Next I made a sweater using some gorgeous fabric I got on Etsy a few years ago, it has the most adorable little strawberries on it, and I used the same pink fabric from the previous sweater for cuffs and stuff. I think I’m going to make a pair of leggings from the pink fabric as well, I think it’ll go really well with the sweater :)

Tiny sewing

I actually made this all by hand :O I’m not good at hand sewing, but I’m sure I’ll get better with practice :) Still, it was fun to finally make something for my darling little puki :) I made some more stuff I’ll get better pics of later.

Tiny sweater:



Got some new things

I added a second Sonny angel to my “collection” :P
sonny angels

I got the cat for christmas, and bought myself the bunny a couple of days ago. So adorable!

And look what finally arrived, after over 3 months!

MSC! I also picked up some tear easy, not sure if it’s the exact thing I should be using, but it was pretty cheap and I hope it’ll help with thinner fabrics that my sewing machine loves to devour.

And finally:
cuteAdorable tights and shoes for my pure neemo girl! Yaaay!
These are my favorite dolly purchase in a while, they are so cute, and I wish I had tights like that for myself. Now my girl just needs an adorable dress, a proper wig, and a face ^^

A bit of a fail-purchase

I wanted something cute for my azone obitsu hybrid to wear, and I’ve seen around the web that the pure neemo bodies can wear most Blythe clothes (I believe pure neemo have thicker arms, so I opted for something with a bit of stretch) but I didn’t want to spend too much on her clothes since I haven’t decided on a style for her yet. I wanted to wait getting proper clothes until she has a face :P

I went with a little set from Cool Cat, I’ve shopped with them before so I know pretty much what I get. The quality is not top notch, meaning that they don’t use high end fabrics and stuff like that, but you do get more than you pay for in my opinion.

I went with a long tee and leg warmers. I was a tad disappointed:


As you can see, the top is really large on her. Since Blythes are skinnier than the pure neemo, I cant imagine how it looks on them :P
The leg warmers are too stiff, I cant really crunch them down because they just pop up again (the fabric is double, so there is a lot of fabric pr leg warmer).

It’s still better than naked, but I cant wait to figure her out so we can get some proper clothes. The top was less than $8, and the leggings $2.50. Shipping wasn’t bad either, at $4.20.
I purchased from their etsy shop at HelloCoolCat.

Even if this purchase was a bit of a fail, I’m still going to use them again in the future. I may be more careful and only order things that they show modeled on a Blythe first though, at least when I feel the fit is important.

I also want to show off a little resin piece I made, using some gorgeous stickers I found at a local shop :)

It’s a happy little bunny :3