Moon is also home!

I picked her up on Friday the 10th, and here is her box opening: (again sorry for bad photos, we have no daylight after I get home from work)

Banged up box, always makes me a little worried!

Box is protected by bubbles ^^ It still got banged up on one side though

Oh yes! My very first Lillycat box :D

So pretty :D

Love the little tips too :)

I see one adorable belly

This lil guy is keeping her tiny tiny eyes safe

They are actually pink, they appear more brown here

Carefully wrapped

And here she is! I am so in love with this girl, just wow

Tiny and delicate

Her size is just so exciting, unfortunately I don’t have a wig or clothes that fit her at the moment, and it doesn’t seem like it will be an easy task to get hold of anything either. So this little one will be a big project for me, which I’m fine with :)

I do have some plans with faceup, I want to go the same route as Andreja did with hers, a rainbow faceup. I’ve collected some reference photos of real makeup, but I’m going to keep looking and see what I come up with :)

Minifee Eva box opening

Here it is, finally! Sorry for bad photos, it’s so dark when I get home from work so I had to rely on artificial lighting.

Such a huge box!

I’m pretty sure that’s an entire newspaper :P

Full set box :D It’s so pretty

At the bottom, the doll box!

That dress is gorgeous! And the thing on the top there is my event gift, a free wig :)

I’m really happy I got a blonde wig with her. And look at those cute panties!

Antlers, love them!

Painting these are going to be hell! It’s so hard to see where the lacey parts begin and end!

On to the dolly box!

Hello there cutie!

Honestly her face feels sooo small! I kind of hate the shape of her eyebrows to be honest, but everything else is beautiful.

Another view :)

With fullset wig, kinda cute

Her white lashes simply fell out when I changed her eyes :S

I did a little swap and I gotta say I love this so much! Honestly, I’m not a fan of the fairyline body that Lexi usually has (Eva is on the Fairyline in this pic)

This was the worst fullset to actually get on a doll. It took me absolutely for ever. And, the corset gets messed up as soon as I put on the underskirt, because it’s too poofy. I also think the 14mm eyes looked big on her, so I tried these on my Cygne with some success:

Like I said, I hate Evas eyebrows, so she will most likely get a makeover in the future, but I really like her so far :) I think she looks much better in real life than what I am capable of capturing in photos for some reason. And yeah, at some point I am going to sell my Fairyline body, because I strongly prefer the a-line renewal.

Anyway, wish my new girl welcome :D

Box opening!

This box is HUGE

Red box and bubbles

I got my very first Fairyland calendar! :D

I love this design, so gorgeous


Instructions and certificate

Here she iiiis!

High heeled feet

LTF event face

Getting close now ^^

Such a beautiful face

I need new eyes, new wig, and clothes ASAP

I cant believe how big and heavy she is compared to Fairyline :D


One last picture


That’s my new girl!
I think I may give her regular lashes, the white ones are not clicking for me. She does give me sort of a mermaid vibe, so I can’t wait to get to know her better :)

Hemera Maru

My beautiful cyclops arrived a while ago, so have a very delayed box opening:

Such a tiny package


Tiny box inside


Getting warmer


Box with kitty, box with eye and bonus elastic!


Lets take a look at the eye I ordered


I love it so much, I forgot to ask for glitter though


Oh my god!


That is one big eye hole!


That is better :)


I love this little one so much!


I want more kitties now


Look how tiny this thing is!


Im so happy to have this little guy (or girl) at home! It arrived 18th of January, so I am a bit late with this box opening :P

The eye is so adorable, I chose to pay a little extra to decide which eye he would come with and I dont regret it. I hope they will open for eye-orders at some point, because I saw several others I would love to have.
I still have no idea how to paint this doll, I do love the siamese that they have pictured on their website, so I may copy that style. All I know is that I would love to own more than one of these guys, and I would really love to get the smaller cat as well as the bunny in the future :) Who knew I would end up owning a cyclops doll!


Actually the body arrived a while ago, on june 7th :P

I was dead tired, my room was really dark and I couldn’t be bothered to do a proper box opening. Since it wasn’t really the arrival of a new doll, but a new body instead, I figured it didn’t matter as much. I did use my phone to take some pictures though, but the quality is horrid. I really enjoyed sitting on my bed, opening this big box, it was so relaxing after a day at work :)

Lets get going!


Lexi was also excited to see her new body :P




A very blank box, why did they stop putting stickers on them?


Fairy Line! And certificate :)


Oh wow, those boobs are HUGE!


Before the swap.. Look at those looong legs! :D And I’m still scared of those huge boobs…


Those big boobs make it hard to balance I think, lol ^^ Needed a helping hand :P


Legs <3


Oh no, a cute face!

Overall I’m very happy with the fairyline body. There are some things I’m not thrilled with, and some things I love. I may talk more in detail about it later, but I’d buy the body again if I could :)

True to each and every box opening I’ve had from Fairyland, there was an issue. The hands I have at home do not fit her. I used so much force I was sure I was going to break something, but they will not go on. I contacted Fairyland about it and they, as usual, asked for photos. I cant take a photo of that issue! I’d have to make a video. But I did what they asked, explained that I had used a lot of force, and we’ll see what they say. I even tried carving the inside of the hands to no avail.

I hope I can share some better photos in the future, and I’ll be keeping all heads (Chloe and event pukifee head) for now :) The Moe line body will probably be sold at some point, I just prefer the longer legs!