Say hello to this cutie

Easter is giving me a chance to do some faceup practice :)
I went from liking this face, to hating it, and now I sort of like it again:

The rooted head gives her the biggest forehead in the history of foreheads, but other than that I think I sort of like her :) I tried not going for my default blue eye color, and turns out brown was a hard color to achieve :P
Anyway, she just brightened up my day and I wanted to share :)

In bigger news, I ordered a compressor today! Because of easter it will take a while to get it, but it is ordered and I couldn’t be happier! I’ll soon be able to start practicing airbrushing!



I got the cutest package ever :D There was some adorable decorations as well, but I couldn’t wait to open it :P


I just so happen to love Rilakkuma, and getting chocolates bought in Japan was such a fun treat :)


I have done some needle felting in the past, and I love kits like this ^^


I cant describe how happy this made me, not only do I absolutely love all of these eyes (shapes and colors) I can also use them as a reference if I’d rather paint eyes on myself :) And who doesn’t love pokemon butts, lol ^^ I plan on hanging mine on my 3DS :)


I found out I actually prefer the WS Azones :P This girl is WS, and my other two are NS. I have a new doll, and she needs clothes, shoes, hair and a face! I have an extra obitsu head I’ll be testing the decals on, to see how they work.


Thanks so much to Andreja, I’m so grateful for this give-away and I still can’t believe I actually got 2nd prize :)

Spring is in the air

…well, it’s still freezing and snowing, but I can feel spring closing in (and the pollen season has already started, itchy eyes and stuffy nose) and I just feel like trying new things!

I’ve been loving the obitsu azone hybrids so much that I’ve started looking at other obitsu/parabox heads as well. I would love to just order a bunch of different heads and see what happens, unfortunately I have some expenses this month so I can’t afford to buy much of anything.

I did buy two heads today though, obitsu heads like the two others I own, but these have rooted hair! I really love pink, so I got two of those :D


I hope they’ll be as gorgeous in real life :D I obviously don’t have bodies for them, but I want to wait and see if I like the rooted versions first.

With this new spring feeling, I’m starting to want things for my dolls at home too. I need clothes and wigs and eyes! Oh, and shoes. I hope the fashion designers of the dolly world will be inspired by the current boho trend and make some lovely stuff that I can buy :P

Hello everyone!

Long time, no see!

I have been pretty busy, and also very tired, these last few months, so my blog has suffered a bit because of it. I just wanted to share the few things that have happened since last time :)

I actually finally dived into the world of personal planners, and I am loving it! It helps me keep track of my plans, my wishes, birthdays, gift-ideas and more :) I opted for a Kikki-K personal sized planner (which is a medium size but still too big for my small purse unfortunately) and I was only able to afford it because my boyfriend helped out as part of my birthday present :)

Here it is, mint color, absolutely beautiful! I started decorating with some Molang stickers I got from my mom for Christmas :)

IMG_2957 IMG_3052

Next up is one of the funniest presents I ever got, also from my mom :) She knew I wanted another pure neemo doll, but did not know what kind of body or head I wanted. I had added the body to my favorites on Etsy, but the seller did not have any obitsu heads so mom bought the body, as well as a beautiful blythe sweater for her:


She is cute even with no head! And don’t miss out on the gorgeous cross stitched picture in the back, my mom also made that for me :) Oh, and I placed an order for an obitsu head and received it already, so I have her complete now :) She just needs a face and a wig!

And finally I wanted to share a bad pic of my very first Amiibo! It is very special to me, it’s Tom Nook from the Animal crossing series. I have so many fond memories from Animal Crossing on Gamecube, both mom and I would get up super early just to get some time in before work and school, and we would play again when we got home :) It’s the first game (I think for both mom and me) where I just felt like I had found the perfect game. No other game has ever made me feel this way, even if Animal Crossing New Leaf came close. This particular Tom Nook is from Happy Home Designer though, as you can see from his clothes. I hope that Nintendo releases a Tom Nook version like the one I first met in the gamecube version, with his little apron, selling a few things in his little shack.


I’m planning on collecting all the Amiibos from the Animal Crossing series, and I have a couple of the cards as well. Not really dolly related, but too adorable not to share!


A little bit of cleaning

It’s hard to show off my dolls sometimes, since it’s always so messy around here.
I have my three MSD’s and some Monster High dolls on one of my shelves, and I decided to do a tinsy bit of cleaning. I’m planning on fixing the entire shelf, my pukifee and puki also need a little spot to call their own :) I also have a ton of blank MH dolls that’ll need some space once I get around to painting them :P

Anyway, I took a couple of pics. I used flash, so they aren’t particularly warm :P Still, I thought it would be fun to show how it looks.

Lets see.. In the “back row” is Caterine Demew, Twyla, Frankie, Draculaura, my obitsu hybrid, and another Draculaura. The two on the left front are Rochelle and Jane Boolittle. To the far right I also have my two Sonny Angels, and in the middle there is a Fluttershy Funko Pop.
Phew! So many. I apologize for the paper things in the photo on the far right, I had nowhere else to put them yet :P

They do sort of hide Fluttershy and my nice little boxes, I’ll have to get them another spot to sit later.

Celine, Lexi and Kira close up :)

And lastly I wanted to show off some goods I got from my good friend ages ago, I’m so sorry I haven’t taken proper pics of them yet! They are some beautifully made clay foods for my dollies! :)


She even made the little plates (they have some gold around the edges that don’t show up here) and everything is so well made. There are spiderweb cakes (the big one on the right is for the MSD girls to enjoy) and little brownies with halloween themed toppings (ghosts, pumpkins and bats!)

I’m kind of hording things to put in my dollhouse when it is complete (have a feeling it’ll take 10 years) so everything like this just makes me so happy. The little rug that my girls are sitting on in the pics above was made for the dollhouse :) Weaved it myself and everything :P
Aren’t the little cakes amazing though? I hope to make some halloween decorations and stuff so one day I can take halloween pics inside the dollhouse :D