The race is on, place your bets!

I almost can’t believe this, I got my tracking number for both minifee Eva and chibbi Moon today!
I can’t remember if I’ve ever had 2 dolls come home this close, but if I have it’s been a while :)

It’s funny how complete opposites they will be, Minifee Eva is coming as a fullset with premium eyes and faceup, while Moon on the other hand is coming naked, bald, and with a pair of random eyes!

I can’t wait to see who reaches me first, so far Minifee is winning since she has already been shipped from Korea, while Moon is waiting to be shipped from France.


I cant control myself

My minifee Eva just updated to “before shipping”, and what do I do?

I order _another_ doll!

I’ve been following Lillycat for years, always amazed at her dolls, how different they are, but never dared to try one of her creations myself. But chibbi moon was too cute to pass up!

I now have 2 incoming cuties, and I cant wait! I know I dont do well with too many dolls though, so someone may have to go eventually, but for now I’m going to enjoy the ride :)

A spirit is coming to my house

First doll purchase after my big move!

This was so not planned, but I fell for the new Spirit of the Willow tree.. And there was 3 fullsets left, now there are 2 :)

I may have to sell a doll if this spirit decides to stay here for a bit, as I’m never comfortable with too many dolls at home. Anyone else get that overwhelmed feeling when there are just too many dolls?
Anyway, I cant wait to meet her, and I hope those shoes look as amazing in real life as they do in the pics, because wow. And of course I hope the little spirit looks as good as I think she does ^^

Cygne is home!

She is home!!

It’s getting so late that I haven’t had time to edit box opening pics yet, so I plan to post those tomorrow instead

I am so not prepared for this girl, and I need to get her just about everything. I’m not thrilled with the color of the wig I got her, so I am going to have to slowly purchase wigs, eyes and clothes for her.

Can’t wait to show her off!

She has left South Korea!

My Cygne is on a plane right now, traveling to her new home!

I’ve already seen some photos of her on instagram, and she looks so beautiful :)
The fullset looks gorgeous in the photos I’ve seen, but not so much that I regret not getting it. I read that the wig was exactly what I thought it would be, the typical wig that Fairyland sends with, nearly impossible to do anything with. And I’m really curious to see if those (real) feathers will look as nice in the future. I do love the sparkly eyes though, but I’m sure I can find some other eyes that will fit her just as well :) I still dream of owning urethane eyes one day, but considering how many eyes I’ve ordered in the past that didn’t look as I hoped they would, that would sting a lot more when spending that much on just the one pair.

Anyway, I hope she’ll be home this week, but if not then early next week I think :) I can’t believe she is this close! I need to get serious about getting her some clothes :P