The kitty and the sock

I swear if she doesn’t tell me her name soon, I’m going to name her something stupid like Buttercup or something.


*rolls around*


*grab and pull*

*push push*



*innocent* what-?

My foot is free!

She’s almost too much!

My lovely girl.. She is just so beautiful I don’t know what to do with myself!
I feel like I’m close to finding out her name, it’s kind of like when you remember a piece of a song but can’t quite remember what song it was.. I sound obsessed, don’t I? Lol.. I swear in a year or so I’ll be living in a box with Lusis, talking to her and stuff :P

I have photos! The first two are linked to flickr, the rest are here on my blog ^^ (see me trying to lure you to my flickr account, mohaha)


pure love

If I ever go for plastic surgery, I'm going to ask for that profile ;D

The perfect nose!