New pics

I need better lighting, but these pictures will do for now:



Tiny sewing

I actually made this all by hand :O I’m not good at hand sewing, but I’m sure I’ll get better with practice :) Still, it was fun to finally make something for my darling little puki :) I made some more stuff I’ll get better pics of later.

Tiny sweater:



A little bit of cleaning

It’s hard to show off my dolls sometimes, since it’s always so messy around here.
I have my three MSD’s and some Monster High dolls on one of my shelves, and I decided to do a tinsy bit of cleaning. I’m planning on fixing the entire shelf, my pukifee and puki also need a little spot to call their own :) I also have a ton of blank MH dolls that’ll need some space once I get around to painting them :P

Anyway, I took a couple of pics. I used flash, so they aren’t particularly warm :P Still, I thought it would be fun to show how it looks.

Lets see.. In the “back row” is Caterine Demew, Twyla, Frankie, Draculaura, my obitsu hybrid, and another Draculaura. The two on the left front are Rochelle and Jane Boolittle. To the far right I also have my two Sonny Angels, and in the middle there is a Fluttershy Funko Pop.
Phew! So many. I apologize for the paper things in the photo on the far right, I had nowhere else to put them yet :P

They do sort of hide Fluttershy and my nice little boxes, I’ll have to get them another spot to sit later.

Celine, Lexi and Kira close up :)

And lastly I wanted to show off some goods I got from my good friend ages ago, I’m so sorry I haven’t taken proper pics of them yet! They are some beautifully made clay foods for my dollies! :)


She even made the little plates (they have some gold around the edges that don’t show up here) and everything is so well made. There are spiderweb cakes (the big one on the right is for the MSD girls to enjoy) and little brownies with halloween themed toppings (ghosts, pumpkins and bats!)

I’m kind of hording things to put in my dollhouse when it is complete (have a feeling it’ll take 10 years) so everything like this just makes me so happy. The little rug that my girls are sitting on in the pics above was made for the dollhouse :) Weaved it myself and everything :P
Aren’t the little cakes amazing though? I hope to make some halloween decorations and stuff so one day I can take halloween pics inside the dollhouse :D

Obitsu hybrid faceup

This was challenging.. So incredibly difficult!

I think this is my 6th try, I’m not 100% happy but I felt like I had to stop before I went insane :P As always I learn so much when I try and fail, but wow. Getting the eyes placed right, getting them kind of symmetrical, making a tiny mouth. So much fail potential :P

I used watercolor pencils and pastels, and as I’ve mentioned before I have some issues with shaky hands, so I struggled greatly through the whole thing :P

Obitsu faceup

I think she’ll look decent with a proper fitting wig, and with some nice little clothes :)

Polaroid heaven

I was gifted a polaroid camera, and it is just as awesome as I had hoped :) Here are a couple of Danbo photos, both taken with the Impossible round frame film.

Photo 20.10.14, 21.32.07

Photo 20.10.14, 21.32.23


Hope to take some photos of the dolls soon, but film is expensive so there wont be that many, lol ^^