More of Moon too

Some pictures of my little spirit

I just wanted to share some more pictures :) I really should break out my proper camera :P

Eyes, MSC, and plans!

I dont know what it is, but whenever spring approaches I get so inspired to play with my dolls!

But now I have a serious problem.. I can’t seem to get hold of MSC any more! I recently sold my spare minifee moe body, so I wanted to invest in some MSC so I can start preparing for spring and summer, since it takes a long while for it to arrive by boat, but I could not find a seller anywhere! Well, I found one, but the prices were so insanely high, it was not an option..

So once again I started looking at airbrushes. Andreja has a wonderful video about sealants that you can spray on using one of those, and it is also far less damaging to ones health which is a major bonus. I did some research, and found 2 airbrushes I wanted. I chose the simpler of the two, it was also a lot cheaper, and I plan on using it only for sealant. I still haven’t gotten it, I will post some pictures once I do :)
But of course, I also need a compressor to make the airbrush work, so now I’m going to start saving up for one.

I also treated myself to another pure neemo body, for one of my floating obitsu heads. Still waiting for that as well, haha!

I’m still waiting for the alpaca hairball as well, the pink dye has arrived and is sitting patiently waiting for me to make a mess of everything!

The eyes that I ordered for Cygne arrived, and they don’t really look as advertised.. But still, new eyes are fun, so have some photos!


She is so gorgeous, I just really want some awesome eyes for her. These were supposed to have the entire rainbow in them, and I guess they do, it’s just nowhere near as intense as the promo photos.

Honestly, I’m just so excited! I cant wait to look at my new airbrush, and I do have one can of MSC left so I can start some faceups if I feel like it while I save for the compressor :)

So much hair

I got the pink wig I ordered, but I just really hate the bangs :P

It looks nice in pics, but it just didn’t feel like _her_, so I decided to have some fun with her first wig instead

I love where this is going so much!

Another one for fun