Luna was outside today

A couple of photos of the lovely Luna from her day outside :) She’s not too comfortable in dresses, but she looks so amazing in it :P


I could just eat her up!

eraser piggy on an adventure!

The lovely Luna, and new eyes :D

A couple of photos of my beautiful Luna

Oh that face

hee hee :D

her new face-up will be based off these new eyes! I LOVE her in purple eyes! Need urethane ones some day ;D

More photos, yaaay!

One gorgeous girl in new pink eyes! Love love

And the pink wig, she's like a beautiful pink cupcake!

One more, because I love that wig on her :D

Sweety found a piece of yarn, and she's not sure what to do with it!

Sleepy kitty in a sun spot

cuteness :D

someone is OUTSIDE!

I may change her bust again soon :P But she's so cute with the small one too!

Thats all for now :D

More goodies :D

Indeed, I got even more goodies! Yesterday a pair of socks for LTF arrived, and today Lusis got some dark purple eyes!

Here she is wearing the gold glitter eyes from before, when I face-up her again these will look even better on her!

Story is happy to model her new socks ;) I think she feels really pretty with new everythings!

Luna also got the same pair of socks, isn't she beautiful?

Two VERY happy girls ;D

Lusis had to try on the hot pink shoes!

The purple eyes we got today! Think, with brown eyeshadow, she'll look even more amazing!

The light pink wig I didn't photograph before. Isn't it stunning?

*sigh*, I'm so lucky!

I’m home :3

And its sooo good to relax! And I did get a ton of awesome dolly things, here are some of them! (a couple of wigs aren’t pictured, I’ll show them later!

New eyes and wig :D

Butterfly girl :D


Unoa Freak 2 book! Love it

MSD awesomeshoes

yosd shoes that unfortunately don't fit, way too small

so beautiful, I have the same ones in red and I just LOVE them!

These are just.. SO cute, lovelove

New wig and dress :D The wig has way too long bangs, so I need to cut later

cameraaaa :D

I need more of those shoes in all the colors in the wooorld

More lovely shoooes!

Shoes, wig and dress again ;D Story is one happy girl

A freakin christmas treeee :D

Re-ment ice cream ;D

14mm gorgeous purple eyes

14mm gray eyes with a tiny bit of purple or something in them, they are stunning in real life!

12mm gold glittery eyes, if I open Willows eyes a bit later these will be hers!

I told you guys that I have the best mom ever ;D I’m thrilled with everything, and there is still a couple more eyes on the way! I’ll show the two other wigs when the eyes arrive :D